Connecting an ERC-20 Token Into a Punkland Game

Punkland games can connect to ERC-20 tokens to provide benefits and additional functionality.
Just as in the previous section about connecting an NFT into a Punkland game, in order to set up this functionality we must create an event. Once this is done, select the "Condition branch" command on Page 2 of the Events dialog box. Move to the last tab, which says "ERC-20 Token."
Select the radio button that reads "Current player has ERC-20 token." Select the token's mainnet, fill in its contract address, and the Minimum amount in Wei to trigger the condition. If the amount is left blank it will not work, so be sure to set an amount.
Once this condition has been set, a player who triggers the event will have their connected wallet checked for the specified token in order to determine whether the true or false command will be triggered next.