Minting an NFT Using Punkland

Minting an NFT Using Punkland is simple and quick.
First, in Punkland Studio, navigate to the Database using the main menu. Go to the items tab.
From here, select an empty item and then begin filling in its information.
Set the item’s icon, type, animation, etc., and be sure to check the box marked “Enable NFT trade.” When finished, click “apply” and “OK.”
There is now an NFT item in your game’s database, meaning that whenever a player obtains the item they will have an option to move it from their in-game storage into their NFT storage and from there onto OpenSea.
Let’s create a character that will give this NFT item to the player.
First, go to the map in which you want the character to appear. In the main menu, select the Event Layer by clicking the icon that looks like a red flag. Double click the tile in which you want the character to appear in order to start the event editor.
Give the event a name and select a character. Double click the first empty command slot.
Doing so brings up the events window. We can select the first item, “Chat,” to enter a message in the Text field that the character will speak to the player. Next, click the next empty command space and navigate to Page 2. Select “Add item” and then select the number of the NFT item that you just added to the database. Click OK. Now Click Apply and OK at the bottom of the Create Event window.
We now have an NPC that will give a message to the player and then provide them with an in-game item they can move to their NFT storage.
For a look at how this functionality will appear to the player, click here.
Read the next section for a guide to connecting an outside NFT into a Punkland project.