Using the Site


Punkland users can log in to Punkland using the following methods and wallets.
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    A Nekoland ID (or an ID created after signing in with a wallet)
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My NFT Page

If logged in, you can view the NFTs in the connected wallet on the My NFTs page. You can easily view both NFTs created through the Punkland platform itself and other NFTs on Ethereum/Polygon/Klaytn.
Click My transactions to view your notification history of NFT minting, trading, and burning. You can also view Transaction ID (txid) information here.

Games Page

You can check out the wide variety of games taht have been made with Punkland on the Games page. Click on any of the listed games to navigate to its page for more detailed information. You can read the game's introduction, view comments, or simply jump in and start playing. You can also click the Game NFTs tab to check out all of the minted NFTs for the game together on one page.
Last modified 1yr ago