Connecting a non-Punkland NFT Into a Punkland Game

To connect an NFT that was not originally minted through your Punkland game, you need to know that NFT’s mainnet, contract address, and Token ID.
In this guide, we will demonstrate using Kazuha NFT, which is completely unaffiliated with Punkland.
First, we will add an item to the database that corresponds to this NFT. This item will be an in-game representation of the existing NFT, and not an NFT itself, so be sure not to select “Enable NFT trade.” The item that you choose to represent this NFT can bear as much or as little resemblance to the NFT itself as you deem appropriate.
Once this is complete, let’s move on to creating an event.
In this event, the character used will have the name Warrior and use the default sprite for that character as given in the Punkland Sample RPG that comes with Nekoland Studio.
For the first command, we will again choose “chat” to display dialog. In the example, the text reads: “Do you have Kazuha?”
Next, we will select “Condition branch” for the next command. It can be found on Page 2. In the Condition branch window, select the “Web3/NFTs” tab. Select the “Current player has following NFT” radio button.
In this example, the relevant NFT information is as follows:
  • The Kazuha NFT:
    • Mainnet- Ethereum
    • Contract address- 0x842cBC5e2531BFF9860CaCAfcebb0d923F630642
    • Token ID- 503
Select OK. Underneath the “When true” command, select “Add Item” on Page 2, and choose the item you created earlier in the Add Item window.
The result is an NPC that, when encountered, asks the player if they have a certain NFT, and then provides them with an in-game item corresponding to it if they do.
For a look at how this functionality will appear to the player, click here. For more tutorials about Punkland Studio’s basic operations, check out the Punkland Studio wiki.