What is Punkland?

Punkland is a Web3 gaming platform that empowers developers and NFT creators to create rich metaverse experiences with or without coding. It also allows players access to 2D MMO worlds that provide new ways to play with continuity through the use of NFT assets.
The Punkland Studio tool (formerly Nekoland Studio) has been used by developers in Korea to make profitable mobile MMO games for years. Game makers are able to make MMO experiences using the simple interface, and advanced developers are able to write scripts in order to add depth to their games.
Now, with Punkland Studio’s newest iteration, developers can integrate Web3 functionality and upload games to Punkland to be played right in the browser.
Interested in more about how we at Punkland see Web3 and our long term goals? Read about our Vision.
Are you simply interested in playing Punkland games? Sign up at Punkland.io and head to the games tab to see what’s available, or read more about the opportunities Punkland games offer their players in the For Players section.
Ready to jump into development? Grab the Studio tool here and continue on to the following For Developers section. Developers may also refer to the Documentation page or go straight to the Punkland Studio documentation website.
Last modified 10mo ago