PCUBE is what players purchase (with Ethereum) to use as currency in games on Punkland. When players spend PCUBE in a game (for in-game NFTs or other items), the developer of that game is given the PCUBES spent by players, less the platform fees.


The Punkland marketplace is where compatible NFTs are bought and sold. This marketplace is fully integrated with OpenSea. Developers and players can take in-game items and put them on the market to be bought and sold for Ethereum or other major cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks.

Tokenization in Punkland

Developers can decide to tokenize certain items in their games into NFTs, which they can then sell on the OpenSea market (for ETH or other crypto assets). A player who possesses these NFTs (which may be items, characters, pets, etc.) can use them within that developer’s game and can also resell them at their leisure.


PLAND is Punkland’s token for developers. PLAND can be purchased with ETH and is used to provide developers with creation benefits. In the future, these benefits might include access to certain features and events, fee discounts, governance, and community treasury entitlements.