Minting and Selling NFTs

How to mint in-game Punkland items and sell them on OpenSea


When given NFT compatible items in a Punkland game, they will become listed in your regular inventory. To move them from your in-game character and into your wallet as a tradable NFT, simply drag the item from the inventory box into your NFT Storage.
Once an item is in the NFT Storage window, you can view it in your collection by either leaving your current Punkland game by clicking My NFTs at the top of the screen or by opening a new browser tab by clicking Web storage at the bottom of the storage window.
From the My NFTs page, you can view NFTs that you have taken out of game inventories across Punkland in the Punkland tab. A newly brought in NFT will have an option to Upload to Opensea as shown below.
Clicking this will trigger a popup asking you to select either the Polygon or Klaytn network. Select the relevant network to be taken to the My transactions page where you can view information about the upload process. If the upload was successful, the item will now have an option to either be re-imported into Punkland or to be viewed on OpenSea.

Selling an NFT on OpenSea

OpenSea.io is the world's largest NFT marketplace. In order to sell your Punkland items there, you will need to first connect a wallet in order to create an account. Please refer to OpenSea's documentaion about account creation and connecting a wallet.
If signed in to OpenSea, clicking the Opensea button from the My NFTs page will take you to the listing for that NFT where you can sell it. If this is the first time you have sold something on OpenSea, you may need to initialize your wallet. Please refer to OpenSea's documentation about selling NFTs and initializing a wallet.

Buying a Punkland NFT From OpenSea

Punkland items available for immediate sale will have a Buy Now button on their OpenSea listing.
Please refer to OpenSea's documentation on the different purchase processes for buying NFTs in their marketplace.

Using a Purchased NFT in a Game

If you have purchased a Punkland NFT in OpenSea, it will be visible under My NFTs. Here you can click the Import game option to unlock the NFT in your NFT storage window, which can be brought up by clicking NFT Storage under the in-game hamburger menu.
Items with a lock symbol have not been imported into the game, items without a lock symbol can be moved into the in-game inventory.
Simply drag and drop unlocked NFT from storage into your in-game inventory to be able to use it.