Punkland Vision

A multichain pixel metaverse, where players can own and utilize their NFTs, LAND, and more.
We believe in NFTs as a way for users to not just gain access to digital data, but to own it.
Currently the promise of NFTs is not being fulfilled. Do you truly “own” a piece of data when you can only view its content on certain websites? If you can’t play with it, what is the meaning of ownership?

With ownership comes play.

As every child knows, an action figure actually belongs to you. You put it in your backpack and take it to the playground to war against (or with) the other kids' figures. Later, at home, it's more of the star of the show, saving the world against whatever else is in your collection.
It makes no difference that different companies made the figures or that the characters they represent are from different cartoons. This never meant anything to your friends, or to you. The only meaningful thing was that you owned your toy, your friends owned their toys, and so you played with them.
NFTs are already more than just toys. But many of them, like art NFTs, are begging to be played with. Right now they are like unused action figures sitting behind glass display cases or in unopened boxes.
We want you to take them out and start playing with them.

Punkland is the playground.

Punkland’s vision is to be the place where you bring your NFTs to play by yourself and with your friends. We don’t aim to do this by simply making a virtual world, releasing our own “rules” and telling others how to play. Rather, we are providing a no-code platform for developers of varying skill levels to integrate NFTs around which there are already strong communities, let their imaginations loose, and make a variety of games.
When players begin opening up their NFTs and actually playing with them, and when developers are able to look at all the pieces their players love and bring to their playgrounds, the possibilities are endless.

Emergent games.

In 1911, the science fiction author H. G. Wells wrote Floor Games, describing rules for simple games with childrens' toys. Two years later, after watching a friend shoot a toy cannon at a toy soldier, he wrote Little Wars, a sophisticated set of rules for warfare between toys. Today Wells is considered the father of tabletop wargaming.
The creation of wargaming was not a coordinated effort. The companies that created those toy soldiers never imagined systematic ways to play with them, and Wells never set out to make a company that released proprietary toys.
He saw the potential in what the children around him already had. The toys were there, not as abstract concepts but as owned items, and his imagination was able to flourish.
In Floor Games, he wrote:
The jolliest indoor games for boys and girls demand a floor, and the home that has no floor upon which games may be played falls so far short of happiness… Upon such a floor may be made an infinitude of imaginative games, not only keeping boys and girls happy for days together, but building up a framework of spacious and inspiring ideas in them for after life.

Use Your NFTs.

Punkland is a gaming platform in which developers make games that allow users to bring in NFTs from different blockchains, like Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn. Punkland differs from other NFT gaming platforms in important ways.
  • It encourages the use of outside NFTs, creating valuable use cases for otherwise stale/passive digital collectibles.
  • It allows for NFTs that are interoperable between games in Punkland (at the developers’ discretion).
  • It allows developers to create rich, multiplayer games without any coding knowledge.
Last modified 1yr ago